Shelf organization throughout the house is the epitome of an organized home. Shelves provide countless uses from displaying family photos to displaying your collection of antique teacups. You never have to worry about where the essentials are when they’re in a memorable spot and properly visible on the shelf. Shelves shouldn’t be an opportunity to display clutter or allow a neat display to go array. Shelves give an ambiance to the entire room they reside in and the design and decoration should fit your taste. It’s time to arrange or rearrange, be decorative and creative!

Do you think you’ll ever wear that stunning dress you got on sale? Or that jumper that looked great on you two kids ago? Are you ever going to use the tea set your great aunt bought you for your birthday? How about that giant teddy bear your childhood sweetheart bought you a couple of decades ago?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions or if you’re still holding on to anything similar, then there’s a possibility that you may be a hoarder. Don’t worry; it’s nothing too serious. You just have the tendency to hold on to things that have even the slightest bit of sentimental value for you.