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Your Essential Guide to Closetmaid
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When you think of clean, organised wardrobes, there’s always one brand that immediately comes to mind: Closetmaid. For 50 years, this innovative company has been re-imagining wardrobes and changing the way we think about closet space. No matter how big or small the wardrobe, Closetmaid has been coming up with unique solutions to maximise every space and turn even the most disorganised closet into a fully functional space.

Want to know more about this exciting brand? Here is our essential guide to Closetmaid and their game changing wire wardrobe shelving.

Closetmaid: a history

The company was first founded in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida, and has been dedicated to helping others improve the storage within their homes. Closetmaid was the very first to introduce the ventilated wire shelving in the new construction homes around the area. This kept the air circulating through the storage spaces, which was especially beneficial in pantries and other food storage locations. In 1970, the company headquarters moved to Ocala, Florida.

Now the company has expanded itself to cover every inch of the home. Whether you need storage in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room or garage, Closetmaid offers easy wire and laminate solutions that look professional and allow for great accessibility.

Photo by Closetmaid. Source: Houzz

Photo by Closetmaid. Source: Houzz

Why Closetmaid?

Because of Closetmaid’s many years in the business, their products have evolved to fit the many needs of the modern consumer. They work with new construction so homeowners can get the latest designs, yet they have plenty of experience repurposing space in older homes to make them more functional.

Closetmaid’s products are also highly durable. When properly installed, the wire shelving will hold all of your belongings, and you can be sure that your wardrobe rods will stay perfectly supported.

The company also offers a huge variety of looks and styles to match any home. If wire shelving doesn’t match the look of your home, Closetmaid also offers wood and laminate options that are easy to install and will match any room.


Photo by Closetmaid. Source: Houzz

Closetmaid products

What’s so impressive about Closetmaid is the variety of products available. With Closetmaid, you can design a customised closet that will fit your needs and help you stay organised. Their products are high quality, and they offer a multitude of products that can be adjusted to fit any space.

For wardrobes, the wire shelves and closet rod hardware turn any closet space into an organised dream. The shelves can break up large spaces and give you twice the amount of storage space.

The closet rod hardware is extremely durable and can hold all of your clothes in one place. With varying sizes, you can break up your wardrobe so your skirts are in one place and your blouses and dresses are in another. This is a great way to repurpose lost space that could be hanging below your clothing, and it opens up your wardrobe to other storage possibilities, such as wire and wooden shelves for accessory storage.

Closetmaid also manufactured adjustable mount hardware that makes it easy to tailor your wardrobe to your growing needs. These shelves can be moved up and down to accommodate your possessions as well as your height. When you have small yet growing children, you may need shelves that will grow along with your children.

For the children with cluttered rooms or playrooms, the Closetmaid storage cube solution makes cleaning up after playtime quick and easy. Their soft storage cubes are easy to pull out, and they hold plenty of toys such as stuffed animals, toys cars and trucks and even dolls and doll accessories.

In the kitchen, Closetmaid turns an ordinary and messy pantry into a well-organised masterpiece. The wire shelving allows for great air circulation so you can be sure that your food will stay fresh. When you have large spaces between shelves, additional shelving can help repurpose those spaces and let your store twice as many products. If you chose to have open cabinets, Closetmaid products are sleek and pleasing to the eye. No matter what style your kitchen is, Closetmaid will have something to match your decor.


So tell us, which room in your home is in need of a Closetmaid makeover? Share with us in the comments below!

Featured photo by Closetmaid. Source: Houzz.