Like most people, you spend money on certain products that send a message about yourself to other people. By having the right collection of books, people can see you are sophisticated and educated. Having designer clothes shows that you value into your appearance. Advertisers want us to believe that by having the right possessions, fame, love and success will fall into our laps. We spend our hard-earned money trying to cultivate the right definition of ourselves, but after spending all that money, who has enough to go out and actually pursue that fame, love and success?

Organising your home is one thing, but keeping it eco-friendly can seem more challenging. In reality, it’s not as daunting a task as you may think. There are lots of ways you can reuse and recycle items around the home, or buy eco-friendly materials to help you organise what’s lying around. So many emerging trends are about “going green,” so take time to consider how you can make your home, big or small, a more eco-friendly, organised and stored space.

A woman’s purse can either be a nice, organized bag where essentials are kept or a hoarding disaster, filled with stuff that never gets much usage. There’s a huge difference between everyday essentials and items that are only useful for certain occasions. Unless you’re meticulously neat, you’ve experienced having a lot of clutter in your purse. In fact, this realization may have occurred simply when you reached into your bag and came across something you haven’t set your eyes on in weeks, possibly months.