Need to track your spending? There’s an app for that. Need to remind yourself of next week’s staff meeting? There’s an app for that. Need to remember to pick up milk? There’s an app for that too. Apps, short for applications, are making our lives easier and simpler, making it easier than ever to run […]

Once you have a clean, functional home office, it is finally time to sit down and get to work. Though working from home comes with amazing perks, it can also be more distracting than working in an office. At home, you do not have your boss or other superiors monitoring you, so if you spend […]

You love your home, but sometimes you feel like it is lacking in energy and vibrancy. Why not give it a quick decorating update? You do not have to buy all new furniture or start knocking down walls to give your home a fresh update. Sometimes all your need is just a new lampshade.

Nothing smells fresher than a home you just spring cleaned. The floors practically sparkle and there’s plenty of room in your closet for new clothes. But how long will this last? There is a full year until the next spring clean, and you might find that your clean closets, floors, bathrooms and kitchens will not […]

Why is it that you can never find your favourite jumper in the morning? Or that every time you go into your cabinet looking for something, it seems to have moved? Keeping your home organised is not always easy, especially when you are juggling a career, children and a social life, but why is it […]