How to Maintain a Clean Bathroom
  • Fiona
  • Home Solutions

The idea of cleaning the bathroom every single day makes most people groan. How does anyone possibly have time to do that much cleaning? However, taking a few minutes to clean each day actually saves you time when it comes to deep cleaning. The following details how to maintain a clean bathroom to keep your home looking its best every day and to make deep cleaning less of a hassle.

Clear the surfaces

Many people leave their bathroom supplies out all the time without giving the notion a second thought. While it may be convenient to grab the hair dryer or makeup bag right from the counter, keeping these supplies out means that your bathroom always looks cluttered. You want to have as few items out on the counter as possible.

If you don’t have an organisation system, take a couple hours and create one. Do you struggle with this issue because of limited bathroom storage? You may need to invest in some storage pieces, such as wicker shelving or an over the door rack. Once you have a place for everything, it will only take you a few extra seconds to take out and put away what you need while you’re getting ready.

As you find ways to get frequently used items off of the counter, resist the urge to shove things into drawers or cabinets. Instead you want to have dedicated, logical spots for housing specific items. Find a good storage solution that suits you. For example, keep all of your hair supplies (i.e., hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins) right next to the blow dryer and straightener.


Clean the surfaces

It is easy to put off cleaning when it’s a hassle to gather all of your supplies. Keep go-to bathroom cleaning supplies in the bathroom or load them in a portable tote so that you can grab everything that you need at once. After you take a shower, spray the shower with a daily cleaner to prevent soap scum accumulation. Use disinfecting wipes to wipe down the counters, sink, and toilet. When you clean the toilet, wipe the components down in the following order: toilet tank, handle, seat, base, and lip of the bowl. Then use the toilet brush to swish the water around. You can add a splash of toilet cleaner before grabbing the brush as needed. If you swish the water around on a daily basis, you’ll find that you rarely need to add cleaner, saving you both time and money.


Clean the mirror

The longer toothpaste splatter builds on the mirror, the harder it is to clean. Keep a microfiber cloth under the sink that you can use for the mirror. Simply dampen the cloth and wipe it across the mirror. If you don’t feel like the mirror needs to be cleaned each day, take the cloth and wipe down the sink and shower handles to keep them shiny on the days that you don’t clean the mirror. Make sure to toss the microfiber cloth in the laundry once a week.

Do a quick sweep through the room

Dirty towels can build up on the bathroom floor surprisingly quickly, especially when multiple family members use the same bathroom. Get the members of your household in the habit of tossing dirty towels and clothes right in the laundry. After everyone has gotten ready in the morning, do a quick sweep, hanging up any remaining towels and depositing stray clothing items in the laundry.


Check the inventory

Once or twice a week, do an inventory of the stock in the bathroom. Make sure that there are enough clean towels for showers and hand drying for the next few days. Check the toilet paper supply and refill the hand soap dispenser as needed. Set up a schedule for buying shampoo, other hair products, soap, and bathroom cleaning supplies so that you never run out.

Once or twice a week, you can also opt to skip one of the previously mentioned tasks and take care of another bathroom cleaning chore, such as sweeping or mopping the floor, giving the shower a full scrub down, or wiping both the inside and outside of your toilet thoroughly. You’ll be able to tackle much needed cleaning tasks without letting something else in the bathroom slide for too long.

Daily cleaning may still sound like a big chore. While it can take a few weeks to get into a new routine, it is well worth the effort. Before you know it, you won’t even think twice about taking a couple extra minutes before or after work to wipe down the counter or clean the mirror.