The Fresh Guide to Spring Cleaning
  • Fiona
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It’s springtime again, and you know what that means: spring cleaning!

Though you may not look forward to this important task, spring cleaning sets the tone for the rest of the year. Will you continue to live in clutter and dust or will you banish it all away and make room for the happier, more exciting times ahead?

If you need some help getting motivated or need some pointers, here is our guide to Spring cleaning.

Make time for cleaning and make it fun

Spring cleaning can enjoyable and even fun if you’re in the right state of mind. Help yourself get to that mindset by making the time spent cleaning as fun as possible.

Because spring cleaning can take a lot of time, it’s best to devote a whole day to it, and then make that day as exciting as possible. You’ll want to motivate yourself and set rewards and goals for making it more fun.

For motivation, you might try picking up a cool new cleaning tool or product that you’ve wanted to try, or you might plan to order from your favourite restaurant once you finish. If you get to look forward to using a new vacuum or working with a shower cleaner that has a stellar reputation, then you won’t dread cleaning day.

Don’t forget to add music or stream your favourite TV show. Listening to your favourite music or hearing your favourite jokes will help keep your mood up and your motivation strong.


Don’t clean your blankets

At least, not if they don’t need it. Many people assume that blankets and pillows need to be cleaned every spring, but if they don’t really need to be washed, then don’t waste your time.

Instead, take these items out to your closeline and let them air out. Pieces of dirt and other debris will usually fall, and the wind will knock out stray hairs and pet dander. Leaving them out in the sun can also help kill dust mites.

Sheets and pillowcases, of course, need to be washed much more frequently.

Squeegee your glass

When cleaning, mirrors, glass and windows, do you ever find yourself getting increasingly frustrated by the streaks you leave behind? Though you try and try, it seems nearly impossible to get rid of all streaks, which is why you need a new approach.

Head down to your local auto store and pick up a squeegee wand. These handy tools are most commonly found at petrol stations, but now they have a purpose in your home. When cleaning a shiny surface, use the squeegee brush to get the excess window cleaner off the surface. This method does not leave any streaks behind, and it saves paper towel.

No longer will you have trouble seeing yourself in your mirror or watching TV. Just use a squeegee and your streaks will be gone.


Window Guy by zoovroo, June 2009. CC-BY

Clean your screens

Spring is the best time for window washing, but take that a step further and clean out your window screens. A dirty screen looks dim, and even the shiniest window will still look dull with a dirty screen. Dust and dirt are often blown into screens, and they get trapped there, causing unseemly dark spots and possible allergic reactions if anyone in your family is allergic to dust.

Take a piece of old carpet and use it as a brush as you scrub your screens. Carpet is thick, and when used as a brush, it does an excellent job of getting the dirt out of those tiny holes in the screens. Before you put your screens back in, spray the window with an all-purpose cleaner (either store bought or homemade) and get rid of any dirt that may still be left.

End with a new scent

Out with the old; in with the new. To make your home echo this mantra, try a new scented candle, well freshener or incense scent to give your home a fresh, updated smell. You’ll feel like you’re walking into a new and recently cleaned home whenever you walk in the door.

Avoid heavy smells like apple, cinnamon and pine. These scents are best associated with autumn and winter, so pack away those candles for next year. Instead, opt for a citrus smell like lemon, orange or lime or a floral scent. Fresh lilac smells heavenly and peony is light and refreshing.

What are your favourite spring cleaning tips? Share them with us!