Are you pressed for storage space in your bedroom? Do you get frustrated because you don’t have room to store all of your personal belongings? There is a wide range of options for adding shelves to a bedroom with ideas for virtually every budget and bedroom size.

Whether you want small affordable bins that fit under a bed or you’re outfitting the entire space with new storage, you are sure to find something that gets the job done. The following details just a few ideas of where to add shelves in your bedroom to maximise the existing space.

Over the bed

over the bed storage

Photo source: The Design Chaser

Most people use over the bed shelves for decorative items, such as candles, picture frames, and other small knick knacks. It is a great place to house these little pieces without taking up valuable night table or dresser room. Over the bed can also be a convenient place to house items that you use on a regular basis, such as reading materials, alarm clocks, and glasses. If you want to use the over the bed space for more permanent storage, think about items that will add to the aesthetic of the room, such as a row of books.

As you consider varying options for over the bed storage, think about the ideal length for your existing room. Most over the bed shelves are shorter, spanning the length of the bed at most. However, if you have the space and want more versatility for your storage, you may want to install a longer shelf that extends beyond the length of the bed. Floating shelves are a great choice for longer shelves, as they add ample storage without overwhelming the eye. Multiple shorter shelves are also a perfect way to maximise this space while adding visual interest to the room.

Under the bed

Storage under the bed. Photo source: Thom Haus Handmade

Storage under the bed. Photo source: Thom Haus Handmade

Under the bed storage is one of the simplest and also most under-utilised areas for bedroom storage. It is very unlikely that you’ll need to use the space for anything else, and the items stay neatly tucked away where no one can see them. Under the bed is a great place to house items that you don’t use on a daily basis, such as seasonal clothing and Christmas decorations, because you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s easy to get into the storage more than a few times a year.

In the closet

bedroom storage in the closet

Many closets have ample space for shelving but limited built-in options. Why not take the initiative and add some shelving yourself? The layout of the closet and your storage needs will dictate the type of shelving that works best for your given closet. For example, if you have a long, narrow closet and you want to store bulky items (i.e. sweaters), your best bet may be to install wide shelves at the back of the closet. If you’re installing storage in your closet, you may want to think about other components that you can also install to maximise the storage, such as hooks, drawers, and cubbies.

Against the wall

storage against the wall

There are lots of compact vertical shelving units that are ideal for homes with limited wall space. You get the storage that you need while using a minimal amount of valuable floor area. If you have a larger available wall space and like the look of open shelving, think about using floating shelves in a fashion similar to a bookcase with multiple shelves one on top of the other. You get your desired storage without having to invest in a large piece of furniture, and you still get to display favorite possessions as well.


Regardless of the type of storage pieces that you buy, make sure that they are big enough to hold your belongings and that they match the aesthetic of the current space. For example, wood floating shelves are popular because they’re neutral and versatile. However, you may decide that brightly colored shelves are a better fit for a young child’s room.

Do you enjoy shopping second hand? Keep in mind that you can always paint or refinish a piece of furniture to match your decor scheme. If you find just the right shelving unit to fit the dimensions in the bedroom at a great price, it may be worth the effort that you put into changing the aesthetic.

Are you looking for even more inspiration? Talk to family and friends who have recently remodeled their bedrooms. They may be able to share ideas that did or didn’t work well and offer resources for buying furniture and other storage pieces.