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Wardrobe World has been supplying quality home storage solutions to the Australian building industry for over 20 years. As one of the largest home storage suppliers in Australia, Wardrobe World offers a competitively priced product range, a comprehensive upgrade program and a nationwide installer network to help the Aussie home builder meet the storage demands of the new home buyer.

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  • Spring cleaning can quickly become an overwhelming task. There is so much that you want […]

  • Are you tired of having your kids close their bedroom doors whenever company is over because the messes are so bad? Has fighting about cleaning up become part of the regular routine? For most kids, cleaning their rooms is not a top priority. While it might never be a task that they are excited to start, there are a few important changes that you can implement to make the process go more smoothly. Teaching kids to clean up after themselves also teaches key life skills, including managing basic aspects of one’s life and taking responsibility for personal belongings.

  • The idea of cleaning the bathroom every single day makes most people groan. How does anyone possibly have time to do that much cleaning? However, taking a few minutes to clean each day actually saves you time when it comes to deep cleaning. The following details how to maintain a clean bathroom to keep your home looking its best every day and to make deep cleaning less of a hassle.

  • When you think about organising your home, what comes to mind first? Do you feel stressed or anxious or perhaps even overwhelmed by the task itself?

    Feng shui literally translates to ‘wind’ and ‘water,’ the two most important energies of all life. The practice originally started with Chinese farmers who rotated their crops to find the best places for growing each one. In the organisational sense, feng shui is about arranging your items and furniture in a manner that allows energy to flow easily throughout your home and generate a positive life force.

  • You may not realise it, but your laundry room might be the most dangerous room in your house, if it isn’t kept clean and organised. Bleaches and detergents are full of dangerous chemicals that can poison your children and pets if they aren’t kept in a safe location.