Where to Use Wire Wardrobe Shelving
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Wire wardrobe shelving is perhaps one of the most useful inventions for anyone who’s home never feels big enough. No matter how small your bedroom, closet or kitchen is, the room suddenly becomes more available when wire wardrobe shelving is installed.

Is your home in need of a wire wardrobe shelving makeover? Discover where to use wre wardrobe shelving in your home and see the opportunities open up.

Bedroom closets

Your closet basically has two shelves (if you’re lucky): the shelf above your clothing rack and the floor. Once these spaces fill up, there isn’t much room for anything else, unless you’re using wire wardrobe shelving.

With wire wardrobe shelving, you can break up your closet and install multiple shelves to hold all of your shirts, dresses, trousers and other accessories. The space below shirts and skirts is perfect for shelves because the shirt and skirts themselves don’t hang very low. With a shelf, you can utilise this space and transform it into a useful area for more shoes or even handbags.

Wire shelves can also be built into the top half of the wardrobe, adding a third level of shelving to your closet. This space is great for storing seasonal clothes that you won’t continually wear throughout the year. Heavy coats and summer shorts will have their perfect place packed high above your other clothing.

Though you may need a step ladder to reach that top shelf, you’ll only have to use it twice a year to trade out your seasonal clothes.

Kitchen pantry. Source: Houzz

Kitchen pantry. Source: Houzz

Kitchen cabinets and pantries

Let’s face it: your family needs a lot of food. If you don’t have shelves in your cabinets and pantries, then all you can do is pile boxes and bags of food on top of one another. Each time you open your cabinets and pantries, you’ll have to prepare yourself for that bag of chips that will always fall on your head or those pre-boxed meals that make getting to the baking ingredients a hassle.

The truth is that installing wire wardrobe shelves in your cabinets can double the amount of useable space. Cutting the cabinet in half by installing a shelf right in the middle means that you can now better organise your food and make it more accessible. On one shelf, you might organise your baking ingredients, and under it, you might line up your boxes of pasta.

Pantries become instantly more accessible with wire wardrobe shelving. Breaking up shelves with additional wire shelves will help you utilise the empty space that you wouldn’t otherwise use. The shelves are also useful for further organisation and accessibility.

Using jars and other air-tight canisters will also help you make the most out of your wire shelves. These jars and canisters will display your dry foods and make hunting for pasta, rices, flours and sugars much easier.

Linen closets

As a busy family, you probably do a fair share of entertaining. From sleepovers to visiting relatives, you need to have extra towels and blankets on hand for anyone that might drop by. If your linen closet is currently exploding with so many extra sheets and other items, then it’s time to install wire wardrobe shelves to make sense of the mess.

Of course, installing shelves alone might not be enough to contain all of your towels and sheets. To make the most out of your shelves, stop by your local home goods store and pick up a few stylish baskets to hold your extra towels and sheets. They’ll keep your linen closet looking organised, and you’ll always know where to find your extras when your kids have slumber parties.


Laundry room closet. Source: Houzz

Laundry rooms

If you have young children, then the laundry room is probably one of your biggest concerns when it comes to safety. Detergents and laundry packets are poisonous, yet their brightly coloured bottles and packages always seem to attract children.

Rather than leave these bottles right where children can find them, install wire wardrobe shelving above the washer and dryer. This will keep those harmful chemicals far away from your children while still making them easily accessible when you need to do a load of laundry.

This is also a great place to store other cleaning supplies that you want to keep away from your children. Use plastic bins to hold all the bottles so they’re all easy to grab whenever you need them.

So tell us, which of these great shelving ideas will you try first?

Featured image: ClosetMaid contemporary closet. Source: Houzz.