There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the first flowers of the year emerge during springtime or the first leaf fall from the tree in autumn. In winter, the first snowfall always feels so magical, and that first breeze on a hot summer night feels simply glorious on our skin. The changing of the seasons can […]

When you think of clean, organised wardrobes, there’s always one brand that immediately comes to mind: Closetmaid. For 50 years, this innovative company has been re-imagining wardrobes and changing the way we think about closet space. No matter how big or small the wardrobe, Closetmaid has been coming up with unique solutions to maximise every […]

Wire wardrobe shelving is perhaps one of the most useful inventions for anyone who’s home never feels big enough. No matter how small your bedroom, closet or kitchen is, the room suddenly becomes more available when wire wardrobe shelving is installed.

Your laundry room is probably one of the smallest rooms of your house, but it plays a very important role. When it comes to laundry organisation though, there are a few challenges that need to be met to keep your laundry spinning and your chemicals out of harms way.

Are you constantly tripped over laundry detergent bottles on the floor of your laundry room? Have you lost your kitchen benchtop because you have so many pots, pans and small appliances taking up space and you have no where to put them? Can you barely fit your car into the garage?