You don’t need to spend a fortune or invest in a shipping container’s worth of stackable boxes to keep your home organised. Think about some of the most organised people you know, their kitchens appear effortless but everything has its special place. Wouldn’t you love to have that same effortless charm? The truth is, it’s easy, and here are some simple tips that won’t cost you a thing.

If your home needs a good clean out, make yourself some achievable tasks that you can measure (how about investing in a calendar? A nice notebook for to-do lists?), and celebrate to the wins as you achieve them. For example you can tackle a new room each and every weekend, make a detailed list of the tasks, and reward yourself by reflecting on everything you’ve achieved (a glass of wine is optional, but highly recommended).

Keep reading for some home organisation tips that won’t cost you anything.

Living areas

Baskets in the living room. Photo: I Heart Organizing

Baskets in the living room. Photo: I Heart Organizing

These are the areas that we use the most and get the messiest!

  • Allocate a basket or container at the entry for messy shoes to be discarded, such as gumboots and running shoes.
  • Do you have a regular activity you take part in –  Outdoor cinemas? Cycling? Mum’s group?  Rock climbing? Designate a tote bag or box with everything you need for that activity so it can be collected on your way out the door.
  • Don’t let your dining table or kitchen bench become the ‘junk area.’ Recycle a basket to use for knick-knacks and items to be thrown and then clean it out before you go to bed.
  • Keep a ‘maybe’ box in a cupboard or out of sight area. If you’re not sure you want to keep something or throw it out, pop it in the ‘maybe box’ and if you haven’t thought about it or gone to use it in 3 months, donate it.

The kitchen


The heart of the home (often scattered in toast crumbs).

  • Fill the sink before you start cooking and clean bulky items as you cook.
  • Pop the dishwasher on before you go to bed, and empty  it when you wake up in the morning.
  • Use recycled jars to tidy up yours to tidy up your spices, grains, and store cupcake liners.
  • Store smaller food containers in a large one to stop them taking over your cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean out your pantry and place everything with an upcoming expiry date towards the front. If you have areas that are hard to reach (aka the corners where condiments go to die) recycle a Lazy Susan.
  • If your toaster and kettle tend to roam over your kitchen benches, use a tea tray to store them on.

The bedroom


Where the magic happens!

  • Hangers can be used to organise your scarves, belts, and even sunglasses.
  • Having trouble deciding if you really need all of your items of clothing? Hang every item with the coat hanger facing away from you. After wearing, washing, and returning an item of clothing, hang it with the coat hanging facing you. In 6 months, you can easily see & review all of the items that haven’t been touched.
  • If you store your non-seasonal clothes, remember that rolled garments take up less space than folded garments.

The bathroom

Organised bathroom drawers. Photo: Sunny Side Up

Organised bathroom drawers. Photo: Sunny Side Up

Turn your bobby pin dumping ground into your own personal haven.

  • Gather your hair ties and store them on a recycled carabiner.
  • Clean out old makeup and beauty supplies.If it’s not your colour, never used, or past its expiration date – get rid of it.
  • Make everyday items – like your shaving equipment or BB cream – accessible for your morning routine, and have a separate space for your weekly or special occasion items.
  • Recycle the magnets you get from those free calendars and promotional material in the mail. Stick it to the inside of your medicine cabinet to easily access bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers.

The office

Photo: Meredith Perdue | Source: HGTV

Photo: Meredith Perdue | Source: HGTV

Make it easier to get work done!

  • Scan all of your, receipts, certificates, and important documents so they’re available when you need them. Store the originals safely.
  • Download electronic manuals of purchased products and toss the paper ones cluttering various drawers throughout the house.
  • Scan and discard business cards.
  • Having trouble remembering your passwords? Look into a password manager, a safe alternative that can organise your passwords and other important details such as licence or credit card numbers.
  • Clip bull clips to the side of your desk to organise cables, just thread the cable through the small metal handle. Now your Mac charger will be within your arm’s reach and you don’t have to crawl behind the desk.

Ok, now your turn! Do you have any organisational tips you’d love to share?