Things you Only Need to Clean Once a Year
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If you are like most people, cleaning your home is a bothersome task. While it does give you the result of having a cleaner, more organised area, it also takes valuable time. Many people make the mistake of adding things to their list of items to be cleaned that actually only need to be cleaned once every year. By doing this, you are taking valuable time that you could be using to get some extra work done or enjoy some extra downtime. Remember these things you only need to clean once a year and save yourself time.

High Areas of Your Home

Cleaning chandeliers and high windows. Photo/source: Window Care, Inc.

Cleaning chandeliers and high windows. Photo/source: Window Care, Inc.

If you live in a place with high ceilings, you probably have a ceiling or window that is difficult to get to. Cleaning this part of your home probably requires you to get a ladder or use an extended cleaning device, such as a duster with a long handle attached to it.

If you are cleaning these parts of your home on a weekly or even monthly basis, you are spending too much time on them. Unless you notice a specific stain or area of dirt, such as bird droppings or paint issues, you only need to clean this part of your home once a year.

Cleaning Behind and Underneath Furniture

Over the course of time, it is likely that you will experience a build-up of things like dirt, crumbs, and other things that you usually use around big furniture like tables, couches, or recliners. While it is nice to have the knowledge that these areas are clean, how often do you or your guests actually see the underside of a couch or seat? Probably not frequently. The underside of your furniture is one of the things you only need to clean once a year, especially if you have heavy furniture. Simply move the furniture and then vacuum or sweep until all of the dirt is gone. If necessary, you may want to clean the floor underneath the furniture by wiping it down if it is a hardwood floor, or shampooing it if it is a carpeted floor.

Your Refrigerator

Cleaning the fridge. Photo/source: Eco Diamond Cleaning

Cleaning the fridge. Photo/source: Eco Diamond Cleaning

The fridge is an important part of your home that you probably use every day, yet few people think about cleaning their refrigerator, which is perfectly fine. Unless you experience a spill that causes food or liquids to leak onto your refrigerator shelves, you will be fine if you only clean your refrigerator every 12 months. To properly clean your refrigerator, you will want to take everything out and then wipe down all of the surfaces with some hot water. For tough stains or grease you might want to use a bit of soap.

Your Closets

Even if you live with other people, your closet is most likely a very private space. Odds are that no one will be seeing the inside of your closet except for a significant other or a family member. Even then, they probably won’t be doing a close inspection of how clean your closet is.

For this reason, closet spaces are also among the things you only need to clean once a year. Take some time to remove all of the clothes, shoes, and other belongings you have in your closet so that you can get it sufficiently cleaned. You may also want to vacuum or use a broom in your closet if you have some debris that has accumulated over the years. Also be sure to dust the surfaces, especially if you have lots of heavy clothes that attract dust.

Inside Your Cabinets and Pantry

Cleaning kitchen cabinets. Photo/source: WikiHow

Cleaning kitchen cabinets. Photo/source: WikiHow

Although most people do keep food and food-related products in their pantries and cabinets, unless something breaks open or gets accidentally dropped it is probably not necessary to clean your pantries regularly. Once a year you should take everything out of these areas, dust and wipe the surfaces, and then spend a little bit of time arranging your belongings so that you can keep these parts of your home as organised as possible.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t mind cleaning very much, you shouldn’t take on extra cleaning work if you can avoid it. These and other things you only need to clean once a year should be remembered and left off your weekly or monthly cleaning lists, so that you can spend less of your time cleaning up your home and more time enriching your life or accomplishing things that you want to get done.