4 Tips for Over Bed Storage
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If you’re not using the space above your bed, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential for storage space. Though beds take up a lot of room in the bedroom, you don’t have to surrender all that space to the bed alone.

With these simple storage ideas, you can make the most of your bedroom space, decorate your space and free up room for your belongings or your children’s toys. Check out these five great over bed storage ideas and get smarter about your space.

Install shelves

Want to put away your winter wooly socks? Need a place to store your scarves, gloves and hats? Bedroom shelves give you an easy place to put all of your belongings that you don’t use throughout the year. When wintertime does come around, those items will never be far, but when they’re not in use, they won’t be taking up space.

You can also use your bedroom shelving for decorative purposes. Display your favourite photos so your love ones will never be far away or add some greenery to your bedroom with a potted flower (real or fake, your choice).

These shelves are also great for storing toys above your child’s bed. For the child with a million stuffed animals, these shelves will keep those beloved teddy bears close by.

5th Ave Apartment, New York. Photo by Rikki Snyder, 2015. Source: Houzz

5th Ave Apartment, New York. Photo by Rikki Snyder, 2015. Source: Houzz

The sky’s the limit

If you have high ceilings in your bedroom but not a lot of space, remember that you can always build up. Rather than installing multiple shelves, you can build your own shelving units and build them as high as you would like.

Contractors will install customised shelving units in your bedroom to fit the room and your lifestyle. They will measure out the space in your bedroom and help you come up with a shelving solution that will fit to your needs. If you don’t have room for a dresser or vanity, these shelves can take their place and allow for plenty of storage as well as display space.

Use memory boxes

Do you have tiny statues, snowglobes or even ticket stubs from memorable concerts, movies and other events? Rather than letting those items collect dust on the shelf or take up space in a junk drawer, why not create a memory box and display it proudly above your bed. You’ll always have those memories in plain sight.

You can pick up a memory box at your local craft store. This is your time to get creative so have fun with it. Use coloured paper, leftover wallpaper and ribbons to decorate the background and glue your items to the bottom and back of the box. You’ll find plenty of supplies in the scrapbook aisle at a craft store so get decorating.

Eclectic Bedroom. Photo: Calista Chandler. Source: Houzz

Eclectic Bedroom. Photo: Calista Chandler. Source: Houzz

Headboard as a Shelf

Do you have a headboard right now? It may be decorative, but if you’re hurting for space, then it may be time to take out your decorative headboard and sub in a shelving headboard.

These headboards have deep shelves, which allow for plenty of storage space. You can use this area to store your favourite books and free up space on your bookshelf or free up space on your desk by placing your favourite photo frames or other knick-knacks. There’s also room on top for you to keep other belongings.

For children, these headboards can store those little toys that you always seem to step on. Put baskets inside the headboard shelves and store play figurines or small cars. The next time you go into your child’s room, you won’t be limping out of it.

So which of these great storage ideas will you try first?